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Dynaton CubiQ MC

MC is not a motor cycle or a Master of Ceremony – it stands for Moving Coil and refers to the Turntable Cartridge Type where the diamond is moving a coil instead of a magnet/iron. MC Cartridges comes in Low-Output and High-Output.

The High-Output MC Cartridges can be connected directly to your CubiQ RIAA as it has sufficient signal level to match a regular Phono/RIAA input. The Low-Output MC Cartridge on the other hand requires some extra amplification before the normal Phono/Turntable Input as it has very low signal level and would create too much noise on your LP Records music if you do not amplify this very weak and highly sensitive signal.

The CubiQ MC is hence a well-proven Low-Noise Moving Coil Preamplifier to connect between your Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge on your Cubiq RIAA Phono input for your Amplifier/Receiver.

Note: You can of course also use the Dynaton CubiQ MC for other Phone Preamplifiers than the CubiQ RIAA if you please.

If you are not already aware of this Turntables and LP Records are the New Black in Audio. Simply because the Sound Quality of a Turntable and a LP Record can be far superior to any normally available Digital Music Source – especially when using a Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge. However, to use the Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge with satisfactory low noise you need a MC Preamplifier!

Note: If you have a MM (Moving Magnet/Moving Iron) Cartridge or a High-Output MC (Moving Coil) Cartridge then you do not need a MC Preamplifier before your RIAA.

Discrete Low-Noise MC Preamplifier

The CubiQ MC was first only intended as an Add-On Module to the Dynaton CubiQ RIAA but we decided that we will now also sell the CubiQ MC as a stand-alone Low Noise Preamplifier that can be connected to any Phone/Turntable Input on any Amplifier/Reciever.

Note: If you have the CubiQ RIAA you can upgrade it to become the CubiQ MC RIAA simply by adding the Dynaton MC Add-On Module – and if you have the CubiQ MC you can upgrade it to the CubiQ MC RIAA by adding the CubiQ RIAA board.

The CubiQ MC is in fact more than 30 years old… What? Yes, the CubiQ MC is an upgraded descendent of the MC Preamplifier that some of our Dynaton founders were playing around with some 30 years ago… It has been upgraded to modern technology and we have made the design even a little better in terms of Signal-To-Noise Ratio.

Noise is by far the biggest challenge in a MC Preamplifier because the music signal from a Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge is almost non-existing. When a typical Moving Magnet/Moving Iron Cartridge delivers some 5mV-8mV in signal level, a Low-Output MC Cartridge delivers less than 0.5mV. This means that the Low-Output MC Cartridge has more than 20dB less signal level – and if you do then not have a MC Preamplifier to compensate for the “loss” in signal level, then you will have (much) more noise on your LP Records music!

Designing a MC Preamplifier is not an easy task – because it must both be Low Noise and Low Impedance to match the Low-Output MC Cartridges. Using OP-AMP’s may be feasible for the Phone/RIAA but is mostly not a serious option for Low-Impedance circuits (as OP-AMP’s normally have very high Input Impedance). There are no OP-AMP’s in the signal path of the CubiQ MC! A discrete design with real Transistors is by far superior in Sound Quality to an OP-AMP based circuit – and in terms of Noise using an OP-AMP’s is also problematic in a MC Preamplifier.

The Dynaton CubiQ MC Preamplifier hence features 44x Low-Impedance Transistors that form a Low-Noise preamplifier capable of amplifying the very small music signal that comes from a Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge. The MC Preamplifier is coupled in a differential amplifier design with modern SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) Low-Noise Transistors in parallel to reduce the noise to almost the least possible. This allows you to use even the lowest output MC Cartridges with the CubiQ MC with satisfactory results. It is impossible to have a completely “noise-free” reproduction from any MC Preamplfier but with a sensible design as the CubiQ MC you comes close to the theoretical limits of what can be achieved with the Transistors.

The CubiQ MC is a far more advanced design than most MC Preamplifiers. If you compare different designs you will often find only a few Transistors in most MC Preamplifiers – but in the CubiQ MC you find no less than 44x Low-Impedance Transistors which reduces the noise by (theoretically additionally) 6dB compared to a simpler design featuring only a single Transistor Pair. It may not seem that much is won but when you consider that the music signal from a Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge is amplified by some 1.000x from Turntable to your Amplifier/Receiver, it is easy to understand that focus on lowest possible noise in the design is truly an advantage!

The CubiQ MC has no coupling-capacitors at all… All Audio Products are influenced by the electronics components that has been used to manufacture the product with – and one of the most problematic electronics components are capacitors. They unfortunately have a direct impact upon the Sound Quality and it is very difficult to find truly good capacitors – and if you manage to find a really good one, it will result in sky-rocketing of the materials costs meaning that your price will be much higher than good is. So at Dynaton we decided that the best coupling capacitor is no capacitor in the Audio signal path.

So just like all other Dynaton CubiQ Series Products the CubiQ MC uses DC-Servo circuits to avoid any DC-offset on the output of the product. The advantage of a DC-Servo circuit is that it automatically adjusts the DC-offset to “zero” and is not dependent of manual adjustments such as is the case by DC-coupling. Furthermore the DC-Servo is located in the Feedback Loop of the Amplifiers and that means that the DC-Servo circuit hence has a minimum influence upon the Sound Quality – and the influence is far less than what would be experienced if you were using the World’s best capacitor in case you could afford to buy it? Compared to DC-coupling (that also is without any coupling-capacitors) the DC-Servo is in our opinion a better solution because all electronics (and we mean all regardless of price, brand and type) will “drift” with temperature and age – and this means that a DC-coupled Amplifier will not be at “zero” offset apart from when you have the same temperature and the product is still new. A DC-Servo will automatically adjust the offset all the time and this with far less influence of temperature and you do not have problems with aging. So we believe that DC-Servo is the best and most viable solution to avoid annoying “clicks” and “scratching sounds” in High-Performance Audio Electronics.

The precision of the CubiQ MC is 0.2dB which is as close as it possible can be meaning that you hear exactly what is in the LP Record grooves – and with a good MC Cartridge you will hear more music with your CubiQ MC than you probably did expect was possible from LP Records.

More Options and Upgrades!

If you are an Audio Purist then you can replace the CubiQ Standard power-supply unit with a Low-Noise CubiQ PSU Plus that will give you just that little extra Sound Quality that raises your CubiQ MC to the next level. With a little basic skills you can configure the CubiQ MC yourself but you can also have your local distributor or local retailer do it for you. We recommend to consider letting your local distributor or local retailer assist in the personalization of your own CubiQ MC as this secures that your Product Warranty is not jeopardized in any way.

Even though the options are fewer for a MC Preamplifier you can of course still benefit from the Dynaton CubiQ Series Add-On Module philosophy. You can upgrade your CubiQ MC to become the CubiQ MC RIAA simply by adding the CubiQ RIAA board inside your CubiQ MC chassis. Again you can do this yourself – but we recommend that you let your local distributor or retailer do this for you as the electronics circuits in a High-Performance MC Preamplifier such as the Dynaton CubiQ MC are sensitive devices that requires careful handling when they are upgraded! Anyhow if you have some basic experience and follow the instructions carefully you can do the upgrade without hazzle.

The CubiQ MC of course also support the CubiQ Expansion Bus so you can link your CubiQ Series Products as you please, control them as a “single unit” and take benefits of both Analog and Digital Expansions upon demand.

Instead of an oldfashioned Remote Control Unit the CubiQ MC RIAA features your SmartPhone as Remote Control… Does the Dynaton CubiQ MC have a Remote Control and why? Yes, this makes it more convenient when you have a demand to switch between using a Low-Output Moving Coil Cartridge or a High-Output Cartridge (such as a Moving Magnet, Moving Iron or High-Output MC Cartridge). The Dynaton CubiQ MC has a Low-Noise Passive Relay that can bypass the MC Preamplifier upon demand – and this function can be controlled on the Dynaton CubiQ Remote Control App or on the Front Panel of the CubiQ MC. This of course also works on the CubiQ MC RIAA as well.

If you want to control the Dynaton CubiQ MC via your SmartPhone, you simply download an Android, iOS(Apple) or Windows App to your SmartPhone and then you can perform all things that you want directly on your Smartphone. The clever thing is that you hence easily can upgrade your Remote Control’s functionality simply by upgrading the SmartPhone App – and we also think that many will agree that it is in fact nice not to have yet another (normally nor very pretty) oldfashioned Remote Control Unit laying around amongst the many others…

More Input Sources and Functionality!

Another function of the CubiQ Selector is to allow you to expand the number of Input Sources. You simply just mount the Add-On Modules that you need to tailormake your CubiQ Selector to suit exactly your demands. This is also a truly unique feature of the Dynaton CubiQ Series Products that we allow our customers to yourself decide which functions that the CubiQ device should have.

The CubiQ Selector is also the born partner to the CubiQ Line Amplifier as this becomes a complete High-End Audio Preamplifier. Add the CubiQ RoomIE and you have an unbeatable Truthful Sound of the highest Sound Quality. You can then complete the full chain by connecting our DeQo Active Loudspeakers and enjoy both fantastic Sound Quality and beautiful products that can match virtually any Interior Design.

The CubiQ Selector follows the Dynaton CubiQ Series Product philosophy and is a fully user-configurable High-End product. This means that you decide what functions and what level of Sound Quality you want! The CubiQ Series Products have up to 7 slots on the Rear Panel where you can configure functions and Sound Quality level.

On the CubiQ Selector you can e.g. choose the Analog Inputs as well as the Analog Outputs as your please hereby having even better Sound Quality. This is simply done by mounting the Add-On Modules that you desire, upgrade the Software and vupti, your CubiQ Selector then have new functionality and match your demands much better than anything else in the market.

If you need additional Inputs to support your different music and movie sources then you can buy extra Add-On Modules to change the configuration of the CubiQ Selector to match exactly what you need. With CubiQ RoomIE you are in control – and you do not need to pay for functions or features that you do not need as well as you do not need to be constrained by choices that someone else did on your Audio Product.

This makes CubiQ Selector to – probably the World’s first – truly modular High-End Audio Selector Product. Still there is more benefits: All CubiQ RoomIE Series Products has an Expansion Bus so you can interconnect different CubiQ Series Products and avoid having a mess of cables. You can of course also choose to use your favorite Interconnects in a traditional way. You are in control with the CubiQ Selector!

How should Your CubiQ MC look?

It is not only the functions and features that you can control with Dynaton CubiQ Series Products. You can also decide how your personal CubiQ MC should look!

As default you can choose Black/Silver or White/Silver – and if you have more Dynaton CubiQ Series Products you can stack them horizontally or vertically as you please. You simply move the Expansion Bus Slot between Bottom Mount or Rear Panel Mount to hide interconnections if you do not like to see the cables (but you can of course continue using your favorite Interconnect Cables as you please).

If you want to go for an even more personal look you can buy Dynaton CubiQ Trimmings that can change the main chassis to a lot of different colors. So you are always in control with Dynaton CubiQ also when it comes to the Look and Feel of the product.

Let me have a CubiQ Selector now…

Last but not least if you have not already done it then sign up as Dynaton Consumer Products customer and benefit from extra Special Offers as well as be kept informed before everyone else…


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