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Dynaton is a global leader in Sound + Image technology. Our mission is to improve your Sound System beyond what you believed possible!

Dynaton Extra Solutions

The Dynaton Extra Solutions was introduced in 2014 as a result of Dynaton’s cooperation with A/V Products OEM’s. Our long experience with OEM’s in A/V consumer electronics, High-End Audio, Professional Audio, Car Stereo and Automotive, Computers, Active Loudspeakers, Portable Audio and Mobile Phones led us to conclude that there is a demand for some extra services from Dynaton hereby simplifying Dynaton OEM Customer’s implementation of Dynaton Technologies.

Dynaton Extra Solutions is e.g. that you as Dynaton OEM Customer can license additional Software Solutions such as e.g SmartPhone App’s that control and operate e.g. Dynaton RoomIE and Dynaton Room-M8 instead of using a classical Remote Control Unit.

In fact Dynaton believe that the classical (hardware-based) Remote Control Unit is becoming a Dinosaur of tomorrow so we are offering customized Remote Control App’s to our OEM Customers.

A significant benefit of using Dynaton Extra Solutions to replace a classical Remote Control Unit is that the Android, iOS or Windows Software is upgradeable so your products can offer a good portion of being “secured for the future” as well as being in front in terms of Customer Satisfaction.

Especially in the Ultra High-End Audio/Video market having classical Remote Control Units is a nuisance for several reasons: They are definitely not core technology for a High-End Audio OEM, they are too expensive to develop yourself and “of-the-shelf-solutions” don’t match your High-End Audio/Video Products nor in Quality neither in Design, Look & Feel. So using Dynaton Extra Solutions is an abvious choice that solves all these issues in a very simple way.

Note: Some Dynaton Extra Solutions such as the Android, iOS or Windows Remote Control App can be licensed even for purpose that are not related to Dynaton Technologies. This means that your Android, iOS or Windows Remote Control App for e.g. Dynaton RoomIE can also be used for your products that are not applicable for e.g. Dynaton RoomIE.

Another example of a Dynaton Extra Solution is our Microphone Calibration Box that reduces manufacturing costs for Dynaton OEM Customers who wants nothing less than perfection in Sound Quality from e.g. Dynaton RoomIE, Dynaton Room-M8, Dynaton AudioPurity and other Dynaton Technologies that originates from the Golden Ear Award Winning DDRC software engine.

The Microphone Calibration Box is highly appreciated as a “must-have” for any serious High-End Audio Vendor as it helps to squeeze even the last extra Sound Quality out of Dynaton Technologies – and that really means something considering that e.g. DDRC/RoomIE is considered as “Second-To-None” by some of the Worlds largest OEM’s.

Note: In the case of the Dynaton Microphone Calibrator Box it applies that the hardware is purchased and the software is licensed.

So the bottom-line is that Dynaton Extra Solutions are simply these “small things extra” that makes your company’s implementation of Dynaton Technologies just a bit better than your competitors.

There are virtually no limits to what can be done with Dynaton Extra Solutions as we can “tailor-make” the function or utility that you need and combine them in numerous ways. The only real barrier for Dynaton Extra Solutions is your imagination!

Dynaton Extra Solutions are recommended for all Dynaton Technologies and to simplify manufacturing processes by Dynaton OEM Customers.

It is a good solution for most applications due to the unsurpassed flexibility. With Dynaton Extra Solutions we can easily adapt the Dynaton Technologies to match exactly what your customer’s need in terms of great controls and simple User Interfaces.

In Dynaton Extra Solutions one of the big advantages is that you can avoid spending money and resources to introduce new components as well as you can create a perfect match between all your products with e.g the Android, iOS or Windows Remote Control App.

In case you want to implement something “Special” based upon Dynaton Extra Solutions, we recommend using the following process in order to provide your company with the most cost-effective implementation process: Before launching the Implementation Project it is highly recommended to perform a Feasibility Project as the first step. The Feasibility Project is focused upon creating a demonstration of your requested solution but instead of spending long time and much money on actual development of the “final product” the required solution is made as a “quick and dirty” solution comprising of existing Dynaton OEM Products to verify that the outcome will be as expected. Another important part of the Feasibility Study is to estimate the Implementation Project duration, scope, man-power and cost. When satisfied with the Feasibility Project then we usually recommend launching a Pilot Project where the agreed solution is implemented best possible – but still without spending huge resources – and the main purpose is to secure that the agreed solution can in fact be realized in real-life. After that has been done, the Implementation Project can be done and due to the Feasibility Project and the Pilot Project the risk and the cost of the “real” Implementation Project becomes lowest possible. As Dynaton OEM Customer you can always count on Dynaton has the highest focus upon reducing both cost and risk in all projects. For our customers this is an advantage but indeed it is also an advantage to us ourselves as a small specialist company, we do not want to spend excessive resources on projects that jeopardize our ability to serve all of our customers best possible at any time.

Dynaton Extra Solutions are recommended for all Dynaton OEM Customers regardless of annual manufacturing volumes as the benefits by far exceed the costs. Most of the Dynaton Extra Solutions are surprisingly inexpensive!

Read about Dynaton Extra Solutions for more information.

The Small Prints

The royalty-free DDRC offer is valid to all Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Basic License. The offer is only available to Dynaton OEM Customers.

The royalty-free period is up to 3 years – however there is a maximum applicable volume limit on the offer. The maximum volume depends on your Dynaton License. The maximum applicable volume increases with Dynaton License. The royalty-free DDRC offer is limited to a maximum of different applications per Dynaton OEM Customer depending on your Dynaton License. The royalty-free DDRC offer applies to specific Dynaton OEM Products.